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A birthday paint smash is such a fun way to celebrate your child. I love doing these sessions with two-year old’s. Each child is so fun to watch during these sessions. A paint smash is similar to a cake smash in that some kids love it, and others don’t. I have had sessions where the child barely painted and then I have had other sessions like the one I show below that he had a blast!

How to plan a birthday paint smash

These sessions can be done for really any age, and in different settings. Keep the clothing simple so that the child and the paint are the focus, so white shirt and jean bottoms. If you are planning to do this on a backdrop, have something nearby to clean the child up with. Outdoors in an open green park is a great spot as well and easy clean up. When buying paint be sure to get nontoxic washable paint, the little ones will at some point get it in their mouth. The older kids will get it everywhere when they are painting. Some children may be apprehensive at first so you may have to show them and get involved which will make for great memories and photos!

The most important thing to remember with a birthday paint smash it have FUN! Use fun colors that your child likes, or that are in their room.

This session was done in their backyard with a paper white backdrop. It was super easy to clean up and as you can see, he had a blast. He loved looking at the paint containers and twisting the tops off. He had fun pouring the paint out. AND he loved painting all over his body, fortunately it came off every easily. Getting all the little details tell the story of his session and even looking at these now a month and a half later I remember the shoot like it was yesterday!

If you are ready to plan a paint smash for your child, contact me here to book!

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