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Child Photography

Vibrant personality photography is such a fun way to capture who your child is in this moment in their life. This session was so much fun! We planned for vibrant colors, beautiful florals, and her full personality. Letting children be children during their photoshoot is the best way to get photos that represent who your child is in this moment. During this session we let her jump, throw flower petals, and have fun with the fresh flowers.

These personality photoshoots are great for birthday sessions, or ways to capture a time in their life that you want to remember.

When planning your child’s next photoshoot, let them help you plan it. Here are some things to think about when planning their session:

What is their favorite color? Letting them incorporate it with wardrobe or backdrop is a fun way to remember that time they were in love with Lime green.

What is their favorite outfit? Even if it is a spiderman costume and rainboots let them wear it in their photoshoot.

Do they have a favorite book they can include? Or do they have a favorite stuffed animal? These are great items to include in a session.

Our children grow so quickly, their favorite things changing often, and we want to remember all the details… best way to do that is to have photos that help you remember years to come. These sessions are not like a normal photoshoot, we let your child have fun, we let them break some rules, and we let them relax so that we can capture who your child truly is.

If you are interested in discussing a vibrant personality session for your little one you can contact me here.

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