Choosing Your Child’s Cake Smash Theme

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Your baby is turning one and you are ready to celebrate… but choosing your child’s cake smash theme has you stressed? Don’t worry I have some ideas to help you come to the perfect theme for your child!

Little boy in a NASA outfit sitting in front of blue, orange, and silver balloons.

Ask yourself:

“What am I going to do with these photos”? If you are going to hang them up in your home or get an album? I you want to hang them, where are you going to hang them? Your child’s room? Your living room?

“Do I want the session to match the party”? If you are having a party, do you want the themes to match?

“What colors or themes are important to our family”? Are there any themes or maybe colors that are important to your family?

Cake Smash Theme Ideas:

Choosing your child’s cask smash theme can easily become very overwhelming with there being so many fun ideas out there. So, to help prevent you from getting overwhelmed here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

You can choose a theme that is important to you… I mean they cannot talk back yet so now is your time lol. You could incorporate your favorite hobbies, your favorite book/movie, or your career.

Choose a theme that is all about your babe. Or you could do a session about their favorite song (baby shark anyone). Choose from their favorite book/movie/tv show. Or their favorite toy, or you could choose their favorite food. Does your child love the outdoors? Maybe they are obsessed with animals, dinosaurs, the family dog or cat? A color can be chosen as the theme as well.

Examples of Themes Ideas for Your Childs Cake Smash

So now that we have a few ideas is a list of cake smash themes out there:

Animal Themes: Jungle. Cats and Dogs. Farm animals. Insects (butterflies and ladybugs)

Location Themes: Space. Circus. Major Cities.

Sports: Baseball. Basketball. Football. Golf.

Careers: Firefighter. Baker. Teacher.

Movies: Any children’s Disney movie. Harry Potter. Marvel. Star Wars

Food: Ice cream. Pasta. Donuts. Cookies. Fruit.

To be honest your options are truly endless! Here is where it gets fun, I will work with you to custom design a session for your child. So, if you are ready to start planning a custom session jut for your baby contact me here.

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