Tweens / Teens

Have you looked through your childhood photos and noticed your tween and early teen years are missing? Sure you probably have your school headshot but do you have any photos that show who you truly were at that age?

These missing years are so important for our children's confidence, it is important for them to accept who they are coming, and they should have photos that represent all their years!

The tween years are heavy years, children are going through puberty, they are struggling with teeth coming in or out, they are figuring our what they really like and as we all know these years can be challenging for making friends.

I love working with tweens and young teens to create a session that really allow them to stand out, to capture who they are in this moment, lets us have memories of who they were and what they were into.

These sessions can be super glammed up with hair and makeup done or they can be a simple in home session showing their space. I will work with you and your tween to make sure the session truly speaks to your child.

Lets give them the confidence to follow their dreams, their passions, and to face the world! Below are details of Tween sessions.

"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

The Process

Session prep

Session day

Post Session

Let's have Fun!! 

We already did the preplanning and all the details are sorted so today is all about capturing your tween/teen have the best day living in their imagination!  

There will be a questionnaire for your tween/teen to fill out, this will help give us a starting point for the design of the session. We will have a planning call to work on the outfits, props, and location. 

I will  send you a few sneak peeks while I work through your gallery. Once your photos are ready (2-3 wks after your session) we will schedule an appt to look over the photos together and decide what products will be best for you to store/ display your photos. Once the products are completed we will have them dropped of to you! 

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Let's do this!! We will work together to plan, style, and create a session that is vibrant, fun, and full of personality! 

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